International Polar Bear Day Sees Population Pop 27% Despite 'Warming'

Craig Bannister | February 27, 2017 | 2:22pm EST
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Conservationists worldwide have cause to celebrate on International Polar Bear Day as the global population of this “endangered” animal is surging.

On International Polar Bear Day 2017, the world’s polar bear population is up 27% from 2005 – despite some environmentalists’ fears of global warming.

The day is intended to raise awareness to the supposed plight of the polar bear:

“Feb. 27 marks International Polar Bear Day, an annual event meant to raise awareness of polar bears and their conservation status. Polar bears are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.”

Conservationists continue to warn of the polar bear’s doom because their claims are based on “unverifiable predictions,” not proof, Publisher Marc Morano tells

“There is a lot to celebrate about polar bears today. The feared ‘global warming’ has failed to harm the species as their numbers continue to increase.

“It's odd that a species whose numbers continue to escalate is still being hyped as being "endangered" based upon unverifiable predictions of the future.

“The greatest threat that polar bears face may only be from the electrons in the hard drives of the scientists predicting polar bear doom decades from now.”

Image Courtesy of Prof. Susan Crockford.

What’s more, the global growth of the polar bear population is even greater than initially thought, Polar Bear Expert Dr. Susan J. Crockford writes:

“This means the adjusted 2015 global estimate for polar bears should be about 28,500 (average), a significant increase over the official estimate of 26,500 (average) for 2015 — and an even larger increase over the 2005 estimate of about 22,500 (average)2, despite the dramatic loss of summer sea ice since 2007 that we hear about endlessly.”

Climate analyst Paul Homewood concurs, explaining that the polar bear apocalypse touted by Global Warmists simply isn’t materializing:

“A growing number of observational studies have documented that polar bears are thriving, despite shrinking summer sea ice.”

“Yet no more drowned polar bears were documented, no more bears than normal starved to death, no unusual spikes in cannibalism occurred, and not a single polar bear population was wiped out.”

So, chill everybody, the polar bears are doing great on this international day in their honor.

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