Immigration Advocate Tells Tucker: ‘I Haven’t Spent a Lot of Time Thinking’ About How Much Is Enough

Craig Bannister | January 30, 2018 | 11:54am EST
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Tucker takes on immigration advocate. (Screenshot)

“That’s a really interesting question,” Center for American Progress’ (CAP) Henry Fernandez replied when asked “How many people should live in this country.”

Appearing Monday night on Fox News Channel, CAP Fellow Fernandez discussed immigration with Host Tucker Carlson, who asked Fernandez how many more immigrants the U.S. can handle,

Fernandez responded that he hadn’t given Carlson’s “interesting question” much thought:

Carlson: “The year I was born, 1969, the United States had 202 million people living in this country. 2015, the population had gone to 324 million, that’s more 60 percent increase. Three years later, it’s even higher than that. 2065, it’s expected to be at 441 million, that’s a 118 percent increase.

“Now, all of that, pretty much, is due to immigration.

“And, my question to you is: what’s the right number? How many people? Immigration shapes the number of people who are here, drives it? How many people should live in this country?”

Fernandez: “That’s a really interesting question. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking through that.”

“But, isn’t that, kind of, the central question?,” Carlson replied, asking, “Why haven’t you thought about that?” – to which Fernandez replied that he was more focused on helping a smaller number of people: “DREAMers” who want U.S. citizenship.

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