House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: ‘We Are a Superior Branch’ of Government

By Craig Bannister | May 9, 2019 | 10:01am EDT
House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Getty/Alex Wong)

“I think we are a superior branch,” House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared Wednesday.

In an interview with Washington Post Live, Pelosi was asked if Congress is currently functioning as a coequal branch of government – to which, Pelosi responded that her Legislative branch (Congress) is “superior” to the Executive and Judicial branches:

Question: “Is Congress, at this moment in history, actually functioning as a coequal branch?”

Rep. Pelosi: “I think we are a superior branch, quite frankly. We have the power to make the law and the president enforces the law. So we have a big role, the closest to the people, and we have a big role to play.

“And the president, getting back to those acting [cabinet members], so many people have left the administration disgraced or in dismay, so they have acting people. And, some of those people have direct financial personal aggrandizement on decisions that they make in their departments. That's why the door to subject themselves to the scrutiny of being confirmed. It’s really a very, very sad situation. But that's about a matter for the election to determine, which is only about 18 months away, so we are over halfway there. It will be interesting, but it shouldn't have to be this way.

“I've worked with, I've been in Congress a long time and I understand that we have a difference of opinion in terms of policy, and you come to Congress confidence in your point of view, but humble enough to listen to other views because you represent your district, other people represent theirs. And so, what our founders had in mind is that we would have this debate. What is the role of government on the spectrum? How much Federal, how much local, how much state? And that's exciting.

“But, when you have a White House that is anti-governance, anti-science, it's very hard to stipulate to a set of facts that there will be a proper government role in.”


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