Hispanics Drop Out of Labor Force in January, Prompting Decline in Unemployment Rate

Craig Bannister | February 5, 2021 | 12:53pm EST
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The unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos improved in January as the nation’s businesses continued reopening from the coronavirus-prompted shutdown and 230,000 fewer Hispanics participated in the labor force.

The 8.6% national, seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos in January fell by 0.7 percentage points from December’s 9.3% level and 10.3 points from the record-high of 18.9% set in April 2020continuing to approach last March’s 6.0% pre-shutdown mark.

January’s unemployment rate declined as the ranks of Hispanics unemployed fell by 232,000 and 1,000 more found jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Friday. Both the number of Hispanics participating in the labor force and their labor force participation rate declined in January, compared to the previous month. BLS began tracking Hispanic-Latino employment data in 1973.

Hispanic-Latino employment statistics for January 2021:

  • Unemployment rate: 8.6%, down from 9.3% in January.
  • Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population (16+ years old): 44,521,000 down from 45,639,000 in December 2020.
  • Number Participating in Labor Force: 28,920,000, down from 29,150,000 in December 2020.
  • Labor Force Participation Rate: 65.0%, down from 65.3% in December 2020.
  • Number Employed: 26,437,000, up from 26,436,000 in December 2020.
  • Number Unemployed: 2,482,000, down from 2,714,000 in December 2020.
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