Greg Gutfeld: The CDC Has Become So Politicized, ‘I Wouldn’t Trust Them to Cure Disco Fever’

Craig Bannister | January 20, 2023 | 2:57pm EST
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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has made so many mistakes and become so politicized that Americans have lost trust in them, late-night Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld said in his show’s monologue Thursday.

“So, the CDC needs a makeover worse than (“The View” Host) Joy Behar,” Gutfeld quipped, calling for a radical change at the once-health-focused organization:

“They need to change. And, we’re not talking a half-ass transition. I’m talking a one hundred percent Bruce-to-Caitlyn (Jenner) makeover.”

“I wouldn’t trust them to cure Disco Fever,” Gutfeld joked, before explaining how the CDC has been turned into a left-wing, political operative:

“I wouldn’t trust them to cure Disco Fever. And, yet, they call everything ‘a health threat’ – from racism to climate change. According to them, anything that they don’t like could be a health threat. How convenient is that?

“I’m surprised they aren’t demanding warning labels on Republicans. And yet, they miss the things that are killing us by the millions.”

The CDC needs to do some serious soul-searching, and “maybe, come up with a vaccine that fights politics,” Gutfeld concluded.

(Editor's Note: On Friday, Rasmussen Reports released results of a survey finding that 57% of likely U.S. voters believe Congress should investigate how the CDC dealt with issues of COVID-19 vaccine safety.)

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