Gov. Bevin on Gun Violence: 'What Has Changed? We, As a Culture...We Don't Value Human Life'

By Craig Bannister | September 5, 2019 | 3:39pm EDT
Gov. Matt Bevin

“If we think that a part of what we are seeing is not a cultural problem, we’re kidding ourselves,” Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R) says in a video addressing his stance on gun violence in America.

In a video posted on the governor’s YouTube page, Bevin responds during a 2018 appearance to a woman asking why he doesn’t support stricter gun control laws to address gun violence. Bevin explains that gun violence has increased in recent decades because American society has undergone a fundamental cultural shift that has desensitized people to the destruction of human life.

Gov. Bevin notes that, when he was a child, kids brought guns to school – on the school bus and in their cars – but, they didn’t shoot each other with them. What has changed, he says, is the culture, which now devalues and degrades human life through entertainment, pornography, abortion and the rejection of morality:

“If we think that a part of what we are seeing is not a cultural problem, we’re kidding ourselves.

“And, the point that I have made is this: what has shifted in the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years?

“Not the percentage of guns that we find in homes. And, you can give me a statistic that there’s now more guns. Fair enough, I’ll submit that may be true; I’m not going to argue with you.

“But, the reality is there’s fewer homes that have guns in them than there were 50 years ago when children didn’t walk into schools and shoot themselves and shoot each other. That’s a fact; you can confirm that.

“But, I’ll tell you this: when I was a kid, kids brought guns to school. Kids brought guns on the school bus. Kids brought guns to school in their own vehicles. Kids didn’t shoot each other with them.

“So, some things have not changed. What has changed?

“We, as a culture, as a society – and it’s very germane to this topic, as well – we don’t value human life, like we did. We remove, increasingly, respect for the dignity of other people. You look at how rampant pornography is, the degradation and disrespect for women, and for human life, in general.

“It is so systemic. People of our age have not been exposed like our children have been. There is not a child in America that hasn’t been exposed to pornography, I guarantee you, if they’re above the age of 12. That’s a fact. It is so systemic, it’s horrific. And, it desensitizes us at every turn.

“And, so, we’re desensitized to the value and dignity of human life. We’re desensitized through – and this is to the heart of what I said that you seem to take exception with – is that, through violent video games, where literally you’re encouraged – you can roll your eyes all you want mam – but, I will say this: you explain to me the value of a video that encourages somebody to go back and finish ‘em off. Where you get points for kill counts and you slaughter people.

“We’re desensitizing people to the value of life. And, we see it through the lyrics in music. And, we see it through television shows and we see it through movies. We see it in the fact that the morays of this nation have changed. And, we see it through the fact that we increasingly wan to remove any sense of moral authority from everything.

“Here’s, I’ll tell you again: we could have a thousand sidebars, and you can agree or disagree as it relates to what I’m about to say. But, in a nation where over the last 40 years, we’ve aborted 50-something million children, and we have multiple states with medically-assisted suicide being provided by doctors, at both ends of the life spectrum, we’re losing the value for life that we once, historically, had.

“You can say that’s good; you can say it’s bad. But, it’s a reality.”


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