Gov. Abbott: A New HQ Opens in Texas Every Five Days Because We Have ‘No Mandates Infringing Upon Individual Liberty’

By Craig Bannister | December 6, 2021 | 4:02pm EST
Gov. Greg Abbott

Companies are moving their headquarters to his state at the rate of one every five days because it doesn’t infringe on Americans’ liberty, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott says.

There’s only one mandate in force in Texas – and that’s a prohibition on mandates – Gov. Abbott said Sunday in an interview with Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo:

“Texas has been very aggressive about legally challenging all of these mandates that the Biden administration has put in place concerning COVID, whether it be vaccine mandates or mask mandates, whatever the case may be, and we've been winning them all in the courts. 

“And right now in Texas, there are the no federal mandates that apply. The only mandate that applies is my executive order saying that nobody in the state of Texas can be mandated to take a vaccine shot. 

“Obviously, they're available for anybody who wants it, but there can be no mandates infringing upon individual liberty. That is, in part, why I think that there are so many businesses that are moving to the state of Texas.”

“Over just the first 11 months of this year, there have been 70 businesses and corporations that have relocated their headquarters to the state of Texas,” Abbott said.

“On average, that means there's a new headquarters in Texas every five days,” Gov. Abbott said. For example Tesla first announced a new gigafactory in Texas, then announced it was moving its headquarters there, Abbott explained.

“The state of Texas' economy is growing and thriving, and there are businesses that are moving here, that are growing here, because Texas is the land of economic opportunity and innovation,” the Texas governor said.

The tens of billions of dollars of semiconductor investments being pumped into Texas by companies like Samsung and Texas Instruments will soon make the state “the home of semiconductor manufacturing going forward,” Abbott predicted.

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