Geraldo: ‘Why Would Anybody Believe New York Times About Any Purported Connection Between Russia and Donald Trump?’

By Craig Bannister | June 30, 2020 | 11:51am EDT
Geraldo Rivera
(Getty Images/Roy Rochlin)

The New York Times spent three years pushing its Trump-Russia collusion hoax, so there’s no reason to believe the paper’s latest hoax attempting to tie the president to Russia wrongdoing, commentator and investigative journalist Geraldo Rivera said Tuesday.

“Even @realDonaldTrump deserves the benefit of the doubt, especially when there are so many doubts about the #RussianBounty baloney,” Rivera tweeted, introducing his video commentary on a New York Times story claiming a tie between the president and Russia regarding an alleged bounty on the lives of American soldiers.

The latest Times story is unverified, contains conflicting evidence, and lacks adequate corroboration, Rivera notes in his analysis of the paper’s latest cruel attack on Trump:

“I’ve got a couple of big stories on my mind this morning, beginning with the Russia bounty hoax, I think it is a hoax, in which there was an allegation, sensational allegation over the weekend, that the president of the United States was briefed that there was a secret Russian operation, wherein Russia paid a cash bounty to our Taliban enemies for the Taliban to kill our G.Is.

“And, I have a lot of questions. If there was a Russia bounty, that we randomly discovered this wad of cash in an Afghan hut, how much was that? Was it in a safe, was it under the bed, was it in Al Capone’s vault?

“Two, we’re asked to believe that a clever Intel Op, hearing about this bundle of cash, exclaimed, ‘I think this money came from Moscow!’

“And, number three, a presidential daily briefed later ensued, in which the president was either told about this allegation or he was not told.

“That’s the story. It is unverified. The evidence is conflicting, by The Times’ own admission. They seem to be retreating from the story. I’ve heard no more corroboration.

“Why would anybody believe The New York Times about any purported connection between Russia and Donald Trump after The New York Times has been so wrong for three years, alleging the Russia hoax, which was a hoax?

“And, now they’ve got this Russia bounty story: another, I believe, hoax. I’d like to see a lot more proof before I definitively decide.

“But, as of right now, I am extremely unconvinced. And, I think that, once again, the president has been cruelly treated by The New York Times regarding Russia.”

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