Geraldo: Trump ‘Forced Joe Biden into Positions that Would be Very, Very Difficult to Explain’

By Craig Bannister | October 23, 2020 | 11:06am EDT
Geraldo Rivera

“Joe Biden really, really seemed rattled by the revelations about Hunter Biden,” political pundit and Journalist Geraldo Rivera says in his review of Thursday night’s final presidential debate between Biden and President Donald Trump.

Biden was so rattled by reports of his son Hunter’s emails detailing apparent influence-peddling deals with Ukraine and China while his father was vice president that Trump was able to force Biden into having to defend very difficult political positions, Rivera says in a Friday Twitter video:

“I thought that Joe Biden really, really seemed rattled by the revelations about Hunter Biden.

“I really thought that Trump did a good job. And I think he forced Joe Biden – because Joe Biden was on the ropes from the Hunter Biden stuff – he forced Joe Biden into positions that would be very, very difficult for him to explain: like, he wants to abolish the oil industry. He wants to go to no-carbon emissions by 2025.

“2025? I might still be working in 2025.

“So, I don’t think Joe Biden did well. His association with the far-left wing of his party, I think, became clear.”

The scandal regarding Hunter Biden “really undermined Joe Biden’s argument that character counts,” Rivera said:

“It really undermined Joe Biden’s argument that character counts. He let the president land several blows, saying, you know, ‘You’re a corrupt politician. Where’d you get all the money that you have?’ You know, ‘47 years you’ve been there, and now you’ve got the stink of this corruption charge and how did your son make the money in China? How did you son make the money in Ukraine? Is that really his laptop?’ You know, ‘What’s going to happen from here on in?’”

In the first debate, Trump acted like Godzilla – but, last night, he was more like The Rock, actor Dwayne Johnson, Rivera said:

“He was still strong, but he was strong in the way that The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, is strong. He wasn’t strong in the way Godzilla is strong.

“In the first debate, he was Godzilla. He went to scorch everything and anybody, trample over anything and anybody. Last night, he was The Rock: he was strong and steady and presidential.”

But, even though Trump should have exhibited more compassion, he still won Thursday night’s debate, Rivera concluded:

“I wish the president was more compassionate about the Dreamers, about the sufferers from COVID and the people who we have lost and those children – the immigrant children who were separated from their parents on the border. I wish he was more compassionate for them.

“But, all things considered, I think that this was clearly a Donald Trump victory.”

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