Geraldo Rivera: ‘Outrageous Negligence’ by ABC’s Stephanopoulos to Not Ask Biden about Son Hunter

Craig Bannister | October 16, 2020 | 11:22am EDT
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Geraldo Rivera
(Getty Images/Roy Rochlin)

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos was guilty of “outrageous negligence” as moderator of Thursday’s town hall event for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, commentator and Investigative Journalist Geraldo Rivera said Friday.

Stephanopoulos asked the Democrat candidate “nothing on Hunter Biden,” the former vice president’s son who is the subject major allegations in a news story reported by The New York Post, Rivera notes in a Twitter post.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump was “raked over the coals” by NBC Moderator Savannah Guthrie in a town hall conducted at the same time as ABC’s, Rivera tweeted:

“Dueling Town Halls last night but couldn’t be more different. ABC tossed soft ball after soft ball. It was like ‘what’s your favorite color?’ Nothing on Hunter Biden. Outrageous negligence. @realDonaldTrump on other hand raked over NBC coals by @SavannahGuthrie

In his daily Twitter video, Rivera compared the differences in the way the two town halls were conducted, noting that Biden was asked nothing but “softball” questions and allowed to make speeches and evade questions.

In contrast, Rivera notes, NBC’s Guthrie “was contentious from the get-go,” badgering Pres. Trump about hackneyed liberal accusations regarding white supremacy, QAnon and his taxes.

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