Geraldo Rivera: 66 Shot, 5 Fatally, in Chicago - ‘From Dems, Crickets;’ ‘It’s Like a Non-Event’

By Craig Bannister | August 24, 2020 | 10:40am EDT
Geraldo Rivera
(Getty Images/Roy Rochlin)

“It’s like, you can kill black people – as long as you’re not white or you’re not a cop,” investigative journalist and political pundit Geraldo Rivera said, commenting on Democrats’ reaction to black-on-black violence in cities like Chicago.

On Monday, Rivera tweeted out the tally of shootings in Chicago over the weekend, introducing video of his Sunday commentary on how Democrats are ignoring the violence when blacks shoot and kill other blacks:

“Final weekend casualties in #Chicago 66 shot, 5 fatally including a 12 year old & 6 teenage boys. 5 more killed in 20 shootings this weekend in #NYC, including a young mother in the Bronx. From Dems, crickets.”

“It’s like Vietnam with the body count,” Rivera says in the video, urging viewers to “check out the statistics” published by urban newspapers every Sunday:

“Every time – from social pressure and logic and my instincts and my feeling about right-to-choose and immigration reform and gun control – whenever I get ready to say I am not voting for Donald Trump, I get the statistics on urban crime in cities like Chicago and my hometown of New York and here in Cleveland.

“I mean, check it out. Check out the statistics. Every Sunday afternoon you can look at the Chicago Sun-Times or the Chicago Tribune statistics on the number of people killed.

“It’s already four dead and scores shot – I mean, imagine that: all of those people that were shot could easily have been killed. It’s like Viet Nam with the body count.”

But, Democrats treat black-on-black violence like it doesn’t exist – and didn’t even bother to mention it in last week’s convention, Rivera says:

“Day after day after day after day – and the Democrats did not even mention it in their convention. They didn’t even mention it.”

“It’s like, you can kill black people – as long as you’re not white or you’re not a cop.

“And, if you’re not white and not a cop and it’s another black person killing another black person, it’s like a non-event – it didn’t happen.”

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