Georgia Democrat: ‘Joe Biden Can’t Do Anything in the Basement; We Need a Man’ – ‘Trump Can Get the Job Done’

By Craig Bannister | July 29, 2020 | 9:48am EDT
Rep. Vernon Jones

Upon leaving his meeting with the president and vice president Tuesday, Democrat Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones voiced confidence that Pres. Donald Trump is working hard to ensure every American’s health and personal safety.

“I just met the president of these United States and the vice president. And, I want you to know this president is concerned about our public health and our public safety,” Rep. Jones says in a video Twitter posted on his Twitter page.

“And, he has worked extremely hard to make sure that America is going to be healthy again – in the economy and in our physical health,” Jones says.

The Georgia Democrat, who declares “Country over party” on his Twitter page, is calling on Americans to support Trump because America needs “a man – that can get the job done” and former Vice President Joe Biden is impotent:

“Joe Biden can’t do anything in the basement. We need a man - that can get the job done, that has a proven record. And President Trump can get the job done.”

In June, Rep. Jones made headlines when he introduced a bill to make attacking supporters of Pres. Trump for wearing "MAGA" hats a "hate crime."

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