Gallup: Majority of Americans Call Trump Intelligent, Strong and Decisive Leader

Emilie Cochran
By Emilie Cochran | June 25, 2018 | 4:13 PM EDT

Pres. Donald Trump (Screenshot)

A majority of Americans think President Donald Trump is intelligent and strong and decisive leader, according to a new recent Gallup poll, What’s more, half of Americans say Trump can bring about the changes this country needs

In the survey, Gallup asked, “Thinking about the following characteristics and qualities, please say whether you think each applies or doesn’t apply to Donald Trump.

For the 1,520 adults surveyed June 1-13, 58% said they think Trump "is intelligent," while 51% said he "is a strong and decisive leader" and 50 percent said he "can bring about the changes this country needs."

“The 58% of Americans who consider Trump intelligent likely agree with his own self-perception, as evidenced by his terming himself "really smart" and "a very stable genius" in response to concerns about his temperament and intelligence,” Gallup said.

On the other hand, only 33% of people think Trump has chosen mostly good advisors and cabinet officers and 31% believe he works well with both parties in Washington to get things done.

Emilie Cochran
Emilie Cochran
Emilie Cochran

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