Freed Pastor Asks God to Grant Trump ‘Supernatural Wisdom,’ ‘Protect Him from Slander from Enemies’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | October 15, 2018 | 3:36 PM EDT

Pastor Brunson (L) prays with Pres. Trump (Screenshot)

American Pastor Andrew Brunson, whose safe return home from two years’ captivity in Turkey was secured by the Trump Administration, prayed for President Donald Trump during a visit to the White House on Saturday.

“We would like to pray for you. We pray for you often, as a family,” Brunson, accompanied by his wife, told Pres. Trump.

"Well, I need it probably more than anyone else in this room. So that would be very nice, thank you," Trump replied.

Brunson prayed that God would send down his Holy Spirit to grant Trump “supernatural wisdom” and protect the president from the slander of his enemies:

"Lord God, I ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit on President Trump, that you give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country and for him. I ask that you give him wisdom in how to lead this country into righteousness. I ask that you give him perseverance, and endurance and courage to stand for truth.

“I ask that you to protect him from slander from enemies, from those who would undermine. I ask that you make him a great blessing to this country. Fill him with your wisdom and strength and perseverance. And we bless him. May he be a great blessing to our country; in Jesus’ name, we bless you. Amen."

The pastor’s wife then offered a short prayer, also imploring God’s Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen Trump:

"I just want to pray that the Spirit of the Lord would rest on the president, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord. Amen."

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