Forbes Coaches GOP On 'Fiscal Cliff' Gameplan: 'Go On Offense!' And Run These Five 'Pass' Plays

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | December 7, 2012 | 1:41 PM EST

A new post by American publishing executive and two-time GOP presidential candidate Steve Forbes coaches House Republicans on how to handle the "fiscal cliff" negotiations: "No Tax Increases! Go On Offense!"

In his online post, Forbes tells Republicans they need to stop playing defense against the Democrats and tackle the Democrats head-on.

Forbes even suggests five offensive plays the GOP should run:

  1. Pass a House bill extending for 6-12 months all the "cliff" items (current income tax rates; the Alternative Minimum Tax patch; Social Security payroll tax cuts; Sequestration).
  2. Pass a bill mandating that Social Security trust fund assets - now "held in useless, non-negotiable IOUs from the Treasury" - be converted to marketable Treasury bonds.
  3. Pass a bill mandating that no money can be diverted from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare.
  4. Pass a resolution that the House will not accept any entitlement reform that reduces benefits for those who are on Medicare and Social Security or who are about to go into those programs.
  5. Pass a bill suspending all of those ObamaCare levies that hit next year.
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