Fly Lands on Biden’s Face--as He Accuses Trump of ‘Immorality’ and ‘Carnage’

Craig Bannister | August 8, 2019 | 12:37pm EDT
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A fly appears on Joe Biden's nose. (Screen Capture)

A fly apppeared to land on the face of former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday--as he accused President Donald Trump of “immorality” and “carnage,” according to video of the speech posted online by multiple news agencies.

First, the fly landed on Biden’s cheek, then it moved to his nose, as Biden said:

“His immorality, his carnage stops with us – right here, right now, starting in the Midwest.

“Limited to four years, I believe – I really do believe – history will look back at this president as an aberrant moment in American history.”

Videos of the speech posted by MSNBC, CNN, NBC, C-SPAN, all show the fly engaging Biden’s face.

Biden is seeking to become the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee in 2020.





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