Smugglers Using Illegals As Diversion for Sneaking in Higher-Value Contraband

By Craig Bannister | April 19, 2018 | 11:10am EDT
Duped illegals being set up for capture by smugglers. (Screenshot)

Smugglers are charging illegal aliens to get them into the U.S. safely, then setting them up to be captured in order to create border gaps the smugglers can exploit, the president of the U.S. border agents’ union tells

First, the smugglers are running ads in South American countries promising that, for a fee, they’ll help illegals break into the U.S. undetected, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd explains.

The smugglers then coach their illegal alien clients to claim asylum when captured, ensuring they’ll be put in the system, processed and adjudicated, instead of being sent back across the border.

But, instead of dropping them off at a border station where they can claim asylum without arrest, the smugglers send the illegals across the border at places where they know they’ll get caught - thus, diverting border agents and resources, creating security gaps through which the smugglers can safely sneak their contraband into the U.S. Who’s telling them what to say? Who’s coaching them?

Brandon Judd: “The smugglers are, and let me be clear on why, and I don’t understand why this hasn’t gotten more attention – the smuggling of human and of illegal contraband is a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

“These smugglers could have these asylum-seekers go through our ports of entry, which would be legal for them to do: go to our ports of entry, claim asylum at our ports of entry, but they don’t have them go to our ports of entry.

“They have them cross the border illegally because they know we have to devote resources to taking those individuals into custody. And, those resources take border patrol agents out of the field, and it creates gaps in our border, which allows these smuggling organizations to cross their more high-valued products – whether that be criminal aliens, whether that be aliens from special-interest countries, whether that be opioids, whether it be cocaine.”


“They create these gaps by tying up our hands with asylum-seekers and then, right behind us, they bring in these higher-value products.”


“Now, make no mistake: they’re still making money off of these asylum-seekers. What they’re doing is they’re advertising in countries like Honduras, Guatemala, China – they advertise that, if you pay X number of dollars, they’ll get you into the United States.

“But, then, when they’re bringing you up to the border, they’re coaching you, and then they, basically give them up, knowing that they’re going to divert our resources, which then creates gaps and allows them to smuggle higher-profit contraband across the border. But, they’re still making a profit off of these individuals.”


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