Dr. Drew: ‘I Was Wrong’ About Coronavirus; ‘I Wear a Mask Outside Now’

By Craig Bannister | April 6, 2020 | 6:55pm EDT
Dr. Drew Pinsky
(Getty Images)

Dr. Drew Pinsky, M.D. is apologizing for understating the coronavirus threat by previously comparing it to influenza.

“I was wrong about comparing influenza and coronavirus,” Dr. Drew says in a video apology posted on his Twitter page. Dr. Drew repeatedly owns up to his mistake and apologizes, adding that he has now embraced “the aggressive measures” advocated by the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Trump Administration:

“I’m going to say something a couple of times, here. I’m going to have to say it a couple of times, no doubt, because this needs to be said and so I want to make sure I’m clear, people hear me clearly:

“My early comments about equating coronavirus with influenza were wrong. They were incorrect. I was part of a chorus that was saying that, and we were wrong. And, I want to apologize for that.

“I wish I had gotten it right, but I got it wrong.

“What I did not get wrong was, every time I took a position, I always said, make sure you listen to Dr. Fauci, because he is the person we must look to. He was my guiding star in the AIDS epidemic and he should be your North Star now. So, that, every time I took a position - I was wrong about comparing influence and coronavirus.”


“I want to be clear that I apologize for getting it wrong and I wish I’d gotten it right.”

Dr. Drew says that he “adjusted course” when Dr. Fauci declared that the coronavirus is much worse than the typical flu. Now, Dr. Drew says, he’s wearing a mask and adhering to the recommended precautions – and, “It’s paying dividends”:

“When Dr. Fauci made it clear that this was not a usual influence, that it was significantly worse, I adjusted course. As if you notice, I’ve been doing at least two hours of media a day backing, changing my perspective in such a way, as to sign on to the aggressive measures they have taken.


“I wear a mask outside now. I do what I’m supposed to do. And, it’s paying dividends. It is improving, it is flattening the curve.”

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