DOJ, FBI ‘So Corrupt that They're Redacting their Reasons for Redactions’ in Released Affidavit, ‘Federalist’ CEO Mocks

Craig Bannister | August 26, 2022 | 4:39pm EDT
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“Transparency is one of DOJ’s and FBI’s passions,” Sean Davis, co-founder and CEO of “The Federalist” sarcastically tweeted Friday, after the release of a heavily-redacted copy of the affidavit used to justify a warrant to raid former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

In a series of tweets, Davis razzed the FBI and DOJ for its lack of transparency regarding its unprecedented raid of a former president’s home.

“DOJ and FBI are so corrupt that they're redacting their reasons for redactions in their justification for raiding a U.S. president's home,” Davis tweeted, embedding images of two pages, titled “Reasons for Withholding.”

“However much contempt you have for these lawless agencies, it's not nearly enough,” Davis declared.


What little of the affidavit that wasn’t blacked out shows that the FBI sought to comb thru Pres. Trump’s entire 128-room home, The Federalist reported Friday, in a piece titled “FBI Is So Committed To Transparency Nearly Entire Trump Raid Affidavit Is Redacted”:

“The few sentences made public in the affidavit, however, show the FBI was motivated to comb through Trump’s 128-room living quarters because of a CBS News article that a truck was present at Mar-a-Lago in the final days of his presidency.”

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