Dennis Prager: ‘No Good Country Can Survive When Its People Have Contempt for It’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | July 17, 2019 | 10:28 AM EDT

Dennis Prager (Screenshot)

“Ungrateful people always become unhappy and angry people,” nationally-syndicated radio host and Prager University founder Dennis Prager told a House hearing on Tuesday.

Before testifying about Google’s censorship of conservative opinions, Prager voiced his distress at how Americans are taught to be ashamed of their country – and warned that a nation a self-loathing nation cannot survive:

“I thank God for living in America. It breaks my heart that a vast number of young Americans have not only not been taught how lucky they are to be Americans, but have been taught either how unlucky they are or how ashamed they should be.

“It breaks my heart for them, because contempt for one’s country leaves a terrible hole in one’s soul – and because ungrateful people always become unhappy and angry people.

“And it breaks my heart for America, because no good country can survive when its people have contempt for it.”

Prager described how he has dedicated his career to communicating appreciate of America and promoting his life-philosophy that ‘God wants us to be good’ and that goodness cannot be sustained without God:

“I have been communicating this appreciation of America for 35 years, as a radio talk show host, the last 20 in national syndication with the Salem radio network, an organization that is a blessing in American life.

“One reason I started Prager U. was to communicate America’s moral purpose and moral achievements, both to young Americans and to young people around the world. With a billion views a year, and with more than half of the viewers under age 35, Prager U has achieved some success.

“My philosophy of life is easily summarized: God wants us to be good. Period.

“God without goodness is fanaticism, and goodness without God will not long endure. Everything I and Prager U. do emanates from belief in the importance of being a good person.

“That some label us ‘extreme’ or, quote, ‘haters’ only reflects on the character and the broken-mold comments of those making such accusations. They are the haters and extremists.”


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