Democrats For Life: Perez’s Abortion Mandate ‘Foolish’ Given Party ‘at Lowest Numbers Since 1930’s’

By Craig Bannister | April 27, 2017 | 11:56am EDT
Abortion "stops a human heartbeat."

DNC Chair Tom Perez’s demand that “every Democrat” support abortion is “foolish,” since it alienates 21 million Democrats at a time when the party’s membership is faltering, Democrats For Life of American warns.

Asked to weigh in on the Democratic National Committee chair's declaration that all Democrats must support abortion, and that their support is "not negotiable," Democrats For Life of America Executive Director Kristen May told Perez’s mandate “flies in the face” of efforts to save the party from its recent “catastrophic losses”:

“At Democrats for Life, we are severely disappointed in Tom Perez's recent comments and think that they are foolish when it comes to coalition-building for winning elections. There are 21 million Democrats who consider themselves Pro-Life, and our party is at its lowest numbers since the 1930s. These catastrophic losses are outlined in our Open the Big Tent report."

“Our party's approval rating is lower than President Trump's,” Day warned.

The fight against abortion “is a non-negotiable moral issue” Democrats must embrace if the party is to get reverse its losses – especially, since a third of Democrats are staunchly pro-life, Day said:

“If the Democrats want to start winning again, they have to Open the Big Tent to Pro-Lifers. This is a non-negotiable moral issue for many people, and to ask for party orthodoxy on legal abortion at this time is not the right move. We're supposed to be the party of inclusion and diversity, and this flies in the face of that.”

“DNC Chairman Tom Perez says pro-life Democrats can’t vote their conscience if they want to remain in the party. In doing so, he’s telling a full one-third of Democrats that they must abandon a very legitimate, very serious, moral and ethical conviction about human life, and that’s ridiculous.

Pro-life Democrats have a steadfast, moral opposition to killing the unborn that they cannot be expected to abandon for the sake of party loyalty, Day said:

“People who oppose abortion do so because it stops a human heartbeat and violates the right to life. And you can’t expect anyone who truly believes that to just stand by and not act.

“Would we say the same thing to someone who opposes human trafficking or sex slavery? Of course not! Democrats have to stop pretending like this isn’t a big deal to people. It is. It’s a very big deal. Open the Big Tent!”

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