Dan Bongino: ‘You’re Out of Your Freaking Mind’ if You Think I’m Going to ‘Apologize for Being Born Male’

By Craig Bannister | September 19, 2019 | 10:52am EDT
Dan Bongino

Conservative commentator and former policeman Dan Bongino responded Wednesday to “the liberal lunatics out there” who are accusing all men of “toxic masculinity.”

President Donald Trump didn’t apologize for being male and, “You’re out of your freaking mind” if you think he will, Bongino said in an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham:

“I think what the left is doing, I think we should thank them. What they’re doing actually led to the election of Donald Trump, who does what I’m going to do now and tell you, if you think for a second - the liberal lunatics out there – I’m going to apologize for being born male and subject myself to your stereotypical prejudgments, um, you’re out of your freaking mind.

“You’re living on the wrong planet. And, Donald Trump didn’t do it, either.”

Bongino said the left’s efforts to demonize all males is “a marker of the total intellectual collapse of the radical left” who have reached “peak stupidity”:

“But, Laura, this is indicative of a bigger problem. You know, we all know where this comes from. I’m not going to bore everybody to death with ‘critical theory’ and this ‘white patriarchy’ garbage that’s taught to our kids in school, but this is the complete intellectual collapse of the left you’re witnessing in live time.

“We are now living through peak stupid with the left, and this ‘toxic masculinity,’ ‘white patriarch’ nonsense, where they’ve now devolved to judging people exclusively by their gender and their skin color is a marker of the total intellectual collapse of the radical left.”



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