Curler-Clad Protesters Hang Hair Dryers in Trees Outside Pelosi’s Home in Wake of Salon Scandal

By Craig Bannister | September 8, 2020 | 10:23am EDT

Protesters demonstrated outside Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) home last Thursday after the House Speaker was caught on camera violating coronavirus rules by getting hair salon services indoors and without wearing a mask.

As local San Francisco station KRON 4 reports, hair stylists leading the crowd also objected to Pelosi’s support of continuing restricts preventing them from earning a living:

“Protesters were making noise for about a half hour Thursday afternoon — All that’s leftover are the hair dryers they left hanging in the tree.

“Over a dozen women showed up outside the House Speaker’s Pacific Heights mansion wearing curlers in their hair and draped in plastic as if they were at the beauty shop.

“They hung blow dryers in the tree outside and expressed their outrage over Pelosi’s trip to the Union Street salon Monday and the shutdown’s effect on the state.”

One of the protesters wielding a bullhorn, yelled at Pelosi’s home, calling on the Speaker to either lead by example “or get out”:

“We don’t care if you have grey hair. We care about whether we eat.”


“Leaders should lead by example. And, you are putting yourself above everyone else. It’s time to lead or get out.”

The stylists say Pelosi’s behavior is proof that it’s safe to reopen indoor salon service to everyone.

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