Conservative Activists Clean Out 50 Tons of Trash from L.A. Homeless Camp: Before and After Videos

Craig Bannister | September 23, 2019 | 2:06pm EDT
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Volunteers begin work to clean up homeless camp in Los Angeles. (Screenshot)

Conservative activist Scott Presler mobilized 200 volunteers to remove 50 tons of trash from a homeless camp in Los Angeles, California on Saturday.

Presler’s volunteers removed more than five tons of waste per hour over a nine-hour span – and did so without any assistance from the government.

On Saturday morning, Presler posted Twitter videos of the ground of the homeless camp covered in waste, before cleanup efforts began around 9a.m., which he followed with videos showing his group’s progress – and the end result.

“Why is an outsider from Northern Virginia here & not California elected leadership?” Presler asked in one tweet. In another, he declared the successful cleanup effort one of his proudest moments.

Presler has led similar cleanup efforts in other cities, including Baltimore, Maryland and Newark, New Jersey, according to The Daily Wire.

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