CNN: SW Texas Latinos ‘Say There Is a National Emergency,’ Want Wall ‘Doubled or Tripled in Size’

Craig Bannister | March 20, 2019 | 3:00pm EDT
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Texan Rolando Rodriguez (Screenshot)

"It will be a barrier for the bad people," Texan Rolando Rodriquez told CNN in a report on Latinos supporting President Donald Trump’s border wall initiative on Tuesday.

Rodriquez, who lives a mile from the border, told CNN’s Miguel Marquez that he’s one of the Latinos on the southern border who say they support the wall because it will only deter "the bad people":

“I don't think the wall is going to be a barrier, really, for the good people. It will be a barrier for the bad people.”

Rolando Rodriguez also supports Pres. Trump’s “business acumen, religious alignments and border politics, particularly the wall,” CNN reports.

Rodriguez told CNN he wants the wall to be at least twice its current height, and he wants the full 2,600 miles of it:

CNN: “And, you live a mile from where we’re standing, the wall?

Rodriguez: “Uh-huh.”

CNN: And you want to see this not only taller, but longer.

Rodriguez: “Longer and taller, yes.”

CNN: “How much taller?”

Rodriguez: “Twice, twice as much, at least.”

CNN: “You want the whole border, 2,600 miles?”

Rodriguez: “Yes, 2,600 miles, yes, sir.”

Maya Gutierrez, who has lived in America since she was a three year-old, told CNN that she hopes to vote for Trump once she becomes a citizen, because she supports his stance on abortion, the economy, and immigration – especially, the border wall:

“We do have a lot of problems here with immigration. I do support his stance for the wall.”

CNN’s Marquez closed his segment from the Texas border by reporting that, while most Latinos nationwide may not support Trump’s wall, those he spoke to in Texas say there is truly a national emergency and the wall should be “doubled or tripled in size”:

“Most Latinos across the country say they do not agree with the president on his immigration policies and his idea of building a wall. But, those that we spoke to in this area say that there is a national emergency and they would like to see this thing doubled or tripled in size.”

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