CNN GOP Debate Criteria Packed With Media Polls, But Snubs Rassmussen

By Craig Bannister | October 13, 2011 | 10:10am EDT

Topping all other GOP contenders in a Rassmussen poll won’t help get you into the upcoming CNN GOP presidential debate – but, being a favorite in media polls will.

CNN’s self-described “objective criteria” for participation in its upcoming “Western Republican Presidential Debate” on Oct. 18 requires a candidate to meet a minimum two percent popularity threshold in at least three polls:

“A person must receive an average of at least 2.00 percent in at least three national polls released between September 1st and October 16th that were conducted by the following organization: ABC, AP, Bloomberg, CBS News/New York Times, CNN, FOX, Gallup, Los Angeles Times, Marist, McClatchy, NBC, Newsweek, Pew, Quinnipiac, Reuters, USA Today and Time.”

So, they’ll accept Gallup and Quinnipiac numbers (and, Marist?) – and those of 14 media groups – but, not Rassmussen poll results.

What did Rassmussen ever do to CNN?

Don’t know, but, for what it’s worth, Rassmussen’s Website boasts about coverage he’s gotten from two media organization’s not listed by CNN:

-                                 The Wall Street Journal dubbing Scott Rasmussen “America’s leading political insurgent,” and

-                                 The Washington Post calling him as a “driving force in American politics.”

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