Candace Owens: ‘No Amount of Media-Coverage, Data Manipulation’ Will Make Me Fear Coronavirus

By Craig Bannister | December 11, 2020 | 2:01pm EST
Candace Owens

 (Getty Images/Zach Gibson)

“I am not afraid of any virus that has over a 99% survival rate,” conservative commentator and Blexit Leader Candace Owens said Friday, blasting media scare-tactics and liberal spin on the threat.

“Lions cannot understand the mentality of sheep,” Owens tweeted in her rebuke of efforts to terrorize Americans regarding the virus:

“I am not afraid of any virus that has over a 99% survival rate and no amount of media-coverage, data manipulation or forced testing among asymptomatic people will change my mind. Lions cannot understand the mentality of sheep.”

“Madness & manipulation,” Owens wrote in an earlier tweet blasting attempts to exaggerate the number of coronavirus deaths by broadening the definition of what can be classified as coronavirus-related:

“STOP comparing #swineflu numbers to Covid-19. They changed requirements for the coronavirus which allows for post-mortem testing, meaning—if you get hit by a car & die, they are allowed to test your body for covid-19 & count you toward its “death toll”. Madness & manipulation.”

Owens’ Blexit movement seeks to introduce conservative values to urban communities.


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