Candace Owens: CEOs Should ‘Grow a Spine,’ Stop Caving to Radicals’ Extortion and ‘Playing by the Left’s Rules’

By Craig Bannister | June 19, 2020 | 10:21am EDT
Candace Owens

Conservative commentator and BLEXIT leader Candace Owens is urging the nation’s CEOs and business owners to “grow a spine” and stop pandering to radical leftists.

On Thursday, Owens called on business owners to stop apologizing, resigning and posting leftists’ icons on social media to “intentionally disrupt the work week” in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement:

“Attention CEOs and business owners:

“Please grow a spine. STOP issuing public apologies, stepping down from your own boards, and posting black squares.

“Stop allowing the radicals in your companies to extort your brand. EVERYONE needs to stop playing by the Left’s rules.”

In one such capitulation to leftists, Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy called on White Americans to go up to Black strangers and shine their shoes to express “shame,” “embarrassment” and contrition for racism.

The BLEXIT movement, which seeks to introduce conservative values to urban communities, has raised $200,000 in the past month to help rebuild black businesses destroyed by the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) riots, Owens announced in a separate post:

“This month, #BLEXIT raised $200k for black businesses which were destroyed in the #BLM riots. We also sent all of our minority state directors to local police departments to spread love & form productive relationships. I’m so proud of the work our organization is doing. @BLEXIT

“#BLEXIT will NEVER support criminals, we will always #BackTheBlue, and we will forever defend the many minorities throughout this country who work hard, and want opportunities.”

BLEXIT will never support criminals and will always support the nation's police, she added.

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