Candace Owens Blasts #FreeTheNipple: ‘Women Upset That They Can’t Show Their Breasts on Instagram’

By Craig Bannister | February 8, 2021 | 4:04pm EST
Candace Owens
(Getty Images/Zach Gibson)

“We’re actually creating a culture of pornography” in America – and women are helping to do it, conservative commentator and Blexit leader Candace Owens says.

“It’s women doing it to themselves” under the guise of “feminism,” Owens says in a PragerU video posted on Sunday:

“We’re actually creating a culture of pornography. When you think about Instagram. I mean, I go through Instagram and I am shocked to see the things that I see of what women put on the Internet.

“And, it’s not even about men treating women like that – it’s women doing it to themselves, you know. This is what they believe to be sexy. Our culture in America has shifted to one that is all about sex.

“And, this is largely due to feminist, right?”

Owens says it’s all part of the Cancel Culture’s rationalization for “undoing everything” about traditional American culture:

“Throughout the 50’s, women were wearing poodle skirts. And, they were always dressed from head to toe. Same for the men: they were wearing suits all the time.

“Well, a part of throwing out what American culture was is also saying, ‘This is sexual oppression.’ And, this was what really brought this whole idea of ‘sexual oppression’ and your inner libido brought to us by Freud, right? And people started perpetuating this idea that, if you can release your sexual, your inner sexual libido and all of these things, you’ll be less of a bigot.”

“Women upset that they can’t show their breasts on Instagram” have actually embraced a “Free the Nipple” hashtag to express their perceived oppression, Owens said, adding that seeing topless men isn’t the same “as seeing a woman that has her boobs out.”:

“And, we sort of gave birth to this culture of ‘Well, let’s take it all off,’ right? ‘This is us being free. This is us being sexually free.’ And now, I look around right and I’m like, ‘You can watch porn without ever logging on to a porn site.’ You can watch porn by going to Instagram. I mean girls: barely just what’s legal.

“I mean, #FreeTheNipple – women upset that they can’t show their breasts on Instagram, yet men can show themselves without a shirt on.”

“But, this is very different, right? Seeing a man without his shirt on is not the same effect as seeing a woman that has her boobs out.

“And they pretend they don’t understand that and they’re calling that an injustice, a social injustice.”

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