Candace Owens: ‘Best Video on the Internet’ Is a Black Patriot ‘Not Falling for the Media’s Narrative’

By Craig Bannister | June 4, 2020 | 1:36pm EDT
Candace Owens
(Getty Images/Zack Gibson)


“I’d like to introduce you guys to the best video on the internet right now,” conservative commentator and Blexit leader Candace Owens says, sharing a video of a “black American that is AWAKE, educated and not falling for the media’s narrative.”

On Thursday, Owens posted on Twitter a clip from an Instagram video by a black American defending President Donald Trump from accusations of racism.

In blunt, coarse and occasionally vulgar rhetoric, the black American defends the president’s efforts to combat globalism, economic mistreat of the U.S. by other countries, and minority unemployment:

“Trump is not fighting against you. He’s not fighting against black people, he’s not fighting against Spanish people, he’s not fighting against transgender, he’s not fighting against Mexicans or none of that s**t.

“Trump is fighting against globalists. Globalists don’t have nothing to do with none of us. Globalists: they are people who believe in one world order, one world agenda – they’re bankers, they’re money, they’re movie-makers. They’re the ones who hate Trump for a reason, because he’s not they’re plan, he’s not part of their agenda.”

Now is the time for patriots to stand up, not for minorities to air their grievances, because the country itself needs to be saved first, he says:

“It’s time for patriots to stand up. I understand America got a rough history, but a lot of people died for this country that was black. Who died for this country, too, and you don’t like it.

“Go the f**k somewhere else. Go somewhere else, if you don’t like America, okay. Because this aint about you.

“This man is trying to stand up for the country. We can fix the rest of this s**t later. First, we’ve got to save the Mother-F**k ship.”



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