‘Calif. Survey on Othering and Belonging’: 59% Call Increased Deportations ‘Important’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | April 18, 2018 | 10:48 AM EDT

59% of Californians say it's important to deport more illegal aliens. (Screenshot)

A new “California Survey on Othering and Belonging” shows that a majority of Californians in the sanctuary state actually believe its important to increase U.S. deportations of illegal aliens.

Released Wednesday, the UC Berkeley Hass Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society survey shows that “59% find it important to increase deportations of those here without documentation.”

A quarter (24%) of Californians surveyed call it “very important” for the U.S. to increase deportations of illegal aliens, while another 35% deem it “somewhat important.”

The findings reflect Californians’ increasing opposition to the state’s sanctuary policies shielding illegal aliens from arrest, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Mercury News reports:

“The results come as a growing number of Southern California cities, including Escondido in San Diego County and Los Alamitos in Orange County, are rebelling against the state’s sanctuary policies.”

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