Calif. Mayor: ‘Give Folks Money, 9 Times Out of 10 They’re Not Going to Do Any Harm’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | July 11, 2018 | 2:42 PM EDT

Stockton, Calif. Mayor Michael Tubbs (Screenshot)

Stockton, Calif. Mayor Michael Tubbs (D) is touting a pilot program that will give 100 low-income residents $500 a month.

Only about a tenth of people who are given money will do something harmful with it, Tubbs said Tuesday during an appearance at the San Francisco Press Club:

"You trust folks; you give folks money, nine times out of 10 they're not going to do any harm. They're going to pay for necessities."

Mayor Tubbs’ ultimate goal is to get Americans paying state and federal taxes to fund the handouts, once his pilot program provides “proof of concept,” the San Franciso Chronicle reports:

“It's a way for Tubbs to experiment on programs with money the city doesn't have. If the programs work, he will seek to convince taxpayers and other governments, including the state, to adopt them, albeit with expected tax increases.”

"Going forward I don't think one city in itself can do it longer than a pilot to show proof of concept," Tubbs conceded.

While payouts to low-income residents aren't schedule to begin until early 2019, another of the mayor's handout programs has already launched: a rehabilitation program that pays “men who most regularly engage in gun violence” a thousand dollars a month to participate in a six-month program requiring them to visit with a case worker each day and obtain both a job and a driver’s license.

Both of Tubbs’ “proof of concept” programs are initially being funded by private benefactors.

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