Calexit Leader: 'We're Exporting Our Middle Class' to Make Room for 'New Wave of Immigrants'

By Craig Bannister | August 2, 2017 | 10:57am EDT

It’s “a good thing” the middle class is leaving his state, a leader of the California secessionist movement told Tucker Carlson Tuesday.

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Shankar Singam said California needs the middle class to leave in order to make room for “the new wave of immigrants to come up” from south of the border:

“In regard to the middle class leaving, that’s actually a good thing. We need these spots opened up for the new wave of immigrants to come up. It’s what we do.”

“We’re exporting our middle class to the United States. You guys should be thanking us for that,” Singam told Carlson.

Singam also expects those who flee California to take “our values” to their new states – and turn them into Democrat strongholds:

“Not only that, you know, when our middle class does move out to Texas or to Colorado, they’re taking our values out to the United States and to Texas…And, soon enough, Texas will be a blue state.”

But, in the end, Singam expects those who leave to move back to California - once they realize “how boring” the outside world is:

“If they want to move, there’s nothing for me to stop them. I’m sure they’ll find out how boring it is and they’ll come back.”

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