Broken Obamacare Promises: 11 By Democrats – And A $151 Billion One By Republicans

By Craig Bannister | March 22, 2012 | 4:54pm EDT

The Senate Republican Communications Center is touting 11 broken promises about Obamacare – but, it omits the one made by Republicans: to defund it.

On the two-year anniversary of the passage of Obamacare, Republicans are highlighting 11 “broken promises” made by Pres. Obama and the Democrats about the sweeping health care law:

  1. ‘If You Like Your Plan, You'll Be Able To Keep It’
  2. ‘I Will Protect Medicare’
  3. ‘This Law Will Lower Premiums’
  4. ‘Slow The Growth Of Health Care Costs’
  5. ‘Federal Conscience Laws Will Remain In Place’
  6. ‘My Plan Won’t Raise Your Taxes One Penny’
  7. Mandate Not ‘The Solution’
  8. ‘Broadcasting Those Negotiations On C-SPAN’
  9. ‘Will Not Sign It If It Adds One Dime To The Deficit’
  10. Medical Liability Reform: ‘This Is Going To Be A Priority For Me’
  11. ‘Those Who Voted For Health Care Will Find It An Asset’

For each Democrat promise, the Republicans cite news articles showing how it was broken.

But, the Republicans’ “broken promises” list omits one of their crucial broken promises regarding Obamacare:

  1. ‘Not A Penny’ for Obamacare

With control of the House, Republicans had – and have – the power to defund Obamacare in its entirety. And, they said they’d do it:

GOP Budget Proposal: 'Not a Penny' for Obamacare - Ap. 5, 2011

Cantor: Continuing Resolution Will De-fund ObamaCare - Feb 8, 2011

Defund Obamacare? Boehner Says: 'I Am Committed To Doing Everything’ To Stop It - Sep. 16, 2010

But, as it turns out, they didn’t defund it:

House Republican Leader: CR Will Permit Funding of Obamacare - Mar. 14, 2011

Rep King: House Won't Defund Obamacare Because Leaders ‘Afraid’ GOP Will Be Blamed For Shutdown - Nov 21, 2011

By not defunding Obamacare, Republicans failed to stop the federal government’s effort to take over health care.

What’s more, they also missed out on a chance to prohibit the administration from carrying out $105.5 billion in spending that was built into the Obamacare legislation in such a way that it will be automatically spent unless Congress affirmatively prohibits the administration from spending it.

So, yes, two years after passage, a lot of broken promises regarding Obamacare are being exposed.

But, let’s not forget the promise Republicans broke.

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