Brewer Touts Beer-Foam Tweet Printer for Fans of World Cup

Craig Bannister | June 14, 2018 | 11:17am EDT
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Beer-foam tweets (Screenshot)

A Swedish beer is promoting a device that enables World Cup soccer fans to print tweets about the matches in real-time – on the foam of their beer.

Norrlands Guld has brewed up a printer that uses malt-based ink to print World Cup tweets onto the foamy head on a glass of their beer.

A video of the Swedish beer’s innovation in action is posted on the company’s YouTube page, which proclaims its product “The Social Beer”:

“A new beer innovation from Norrlands Guld. Now you can follow the latest tweets from the World Cup - right in your beer!

“This summer we are serving an updated beer. Put your phone away during the game. Follow social media live on your beer instead.”

During the last World Cup competition, in 2014, fans posted 672 million tweets about the game – making it the most-tweeted event in history – Twitter reports.

Malt-based ink printers use a WiFi connected touchscreen, fits glasses 18cm tall and cost about $3,000, plus an annual $1,500 subscription fee, The Drinks Business reports. Each year, subscribers are provided enough malt-based ink for about 6,000 beer-foam print jobs.

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