Bozell: Hunter Biden Story Shows Big Tech Is Engaged in ‘Outright Attempt to Suppress the Conservative Conversation’

Craig Bannister | October 20, 2020 | 12:03pm EDT
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MRC Pres. Brent Bozell

Big Tech social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasing brazen in their efforts to suppress conservative speech, as evidenced by their censorship of recent New York Post stories about Hunter Biden, Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell warned in a media call on Monday.

Bozell, joined by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on the press call, discussed the dangers of Big Tech censorship of the Post’s reports on a laptop alleged to have belonged to Hunter Biden containing emails from when his father was vice president. The emails on the laptop allegedly refer to influence-peddling in the Ukraine and China.

In response to ever-growing censorship by Big Tech of conservative speech, the MRC has launched new initiatives to defend free speech and document instances of censorship, Bozell announced:

“We have recently launched a new project, Free Speech America, to focus on the increasing censorship of the conservative movement by Big Tech. This is a censorship that has become more and more apparent and, actually, more and more aggressive as time goes on.”


“We now have, with our new Operation CensorTrack, we have analyzed and documented over a hundred different examples of conservatives being censored. It’s not just Twitter or Facebook or Instagram.”

“This isn’t a case of bias against conservatives – this is an outright attempt to suppress the conservative conversation and, maybe, even politicians that don’t subscribe to the radical views of Silicon Valley,” MRC’s president warned.

What’s more, it’s not just the social media platforms, but also the service companies that are engaging in censorship, Bozell said:

“It’s not just the platforms themselves, it’s the service companies that are doing it. It’s the Microsofts, it’s the Amazons, it’s Apple – they’re all getting involved, to one degree or another, in the censorship of the conservative movement.”

The censorship of The New York Post for reporting news potentially detrimental to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is the last straw, and conservatives are going to fight back, Bozell promised:

“So, now we have the Hunter Biden story and the censorship that has been shown there. And that has now become a simply unacceptable proposition.

“There are some remedies available to the conservative movement on this and we’re going to follow them.”

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