Border Patrol Union Mocks D.C. Mayor Bowser’s ‘Public Emergency’: ‘Reality Bites Sometimes’

Craig Bannister | September 9, 2022 | 11:16am EDT
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D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

“Reality bites sometimes,” the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) told Democrat D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser after she declared a public emergency regarding the illegal immigrants being bused into her city by Texas and Arizona, which are being overwhelmed due to the Biden Administration’s open-border policy.

At a press event Thursday, Mayor Bowser announced a $10 million program to deal with the problem of illegal aliens coming into D.C., courtesy of the two beleaguered states.

But, the union representing the nation’s border patrol was not sympathetic.

In a tweet responding to Mayor Bowser’s “public emergency,” the NBPC put her problem into perspective by noting the magnitude of the challenges being inflicted on states like Arizona and Texas by millions of illegal aliens - which the Biden Administration is denying:

“A few 100 trickling into DC is a ‘public emergency’. Millions crashing the border in AZ and TX, destroying property, overwhelming law enf, keeping BP tied up with fraudulent asylum claims & the fentanyl coming in while cartels control the border is no big deal. Just ask the WH.”

“Welcome to a very small slice of the mess you and others like you have cheered on for years. Reality bites sometimes,” the border union followed up.

The union went on to condemn the Biden White House for lying to the American people in an attempt to deny the existence of a border problem and vilify border patrol agents for doing their jobs:

“Many of us are asked by friends and family if the border is really out of control. It is completely out of control. The lies from the Biden WH are a disservice to the American people. What are Biden's limits on illegal aliens? They have no limit. Legal immigrants pay the price.”

“Biden/Harris/Psaki falsely accusing BP agents of crimes is lying. They lied about it to demonize BP agents.

“Mayorkas calling the border "secure" is lying. Thousands escape daily.

“Press Sec saying nobody is walking across the border is lying.

“Nobody is that dumb. They just lie.”

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