Blacks Twice as Likely as Whites to Say 2020 Presidential Debates are ‘Very Important’ to Their Vote

By Craig Bannister | September 29, 2020 | 12:23pm EDT
(Getty Images)

Black voters are twice as likely as White voters to think this year’s presidential debates will a very important factor determining whether they’ll vote for President Donald Trump or Democrat candidate Joe Biden, a new Rasmussen Reports survey finds.

“How important are the presidential debates in determining your vote?” Rasmussen asked in a national survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters conducted September 23-24, 2020 in advance of Tuesday’s first presidential debate. Nationally, 54% of all U.S. voters said the debates will be either “very important” (26%) or “somewhat important” (28%) in deciding their choice.

Half (50%) of Blacks called the debates “very important,” more than double the 21% of Whites who said the debates will greatly influence how they will vote. And, while 78% of Black voters called the debates at least “somewhat important,” slightly more than half (54%) of White voters agreed.

The wealthiest Americans were the least likely to believe the debates will influence their voting choice. Just 8% of those with annual incomes over $200,000 said the debates will be very important, while 42% called the debates at least somewhat important.

In contrast, of those earning less than $30,000, 42% said the debates will be very important and 66% deemed the debates at least somewhat important to the way they’ll vote.

Nearly nine in ten voters (88%) said they are at least “somewhat likely” to watch this year’s presidential debates, including 90% of Blacks and 85% of Whites.

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