Biden Asks ‘What Are Republicans for?’ – GOP Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy Tells Him

By Craig Bannister | January 24, 2022 | 10:15am EST
Pres. Joe Biden
(Getty Images/Jim Watson)

“I heard President Biden ask repeatedly: ‘What are Republicans for?’ I'll happily answer,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said Sunday.

Angered that Republicans are blocking his efforts to eliminate the Senate filibuster, federalize elections and pass massive spending bills, Biden has made the question a mantra.

In a speech last Wednesday, for example, Biden challenged Americans to “Name me one thing” Republicans support:

“Think about this. What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they're for.”


“So I tell my Republican friends, here I come. This is going to be about what are you for. What are you for? And I lay out what we're for.”

On Sunday, McCarthy took to Twitter to give Biden a list of, not just one, but five things “Republicans are for”:

  • “The Constitution,”
  • “Kids in school,”
  • “Safe streets and a secure border,”
  • “An economy that keeps food on the shelves,”
  • “Holding Biden’s failed administration accountable.”

Last week, when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Republican Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst to list “three things that Republicans will do” if they gain control of the Senate in the midterm elections, Sen. Ernest cited: tackling inflation, combatting COVID and ensuring national security by obtaining “peace through strength” on the international stage.

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