Ben Shapiro: 'Social Left' Undermining 'Foundations of Western Civilization'

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | September 7, 2017 | 3:26 PM EDT

Ben Shapiro discusses destructive agenda of the "Social Left"

The "Social Left" is trying to eradicate the natural human instincts that prevent society from collapsing, conservative author and pundit Ben Shapiro argued Wednesday in an interview.

Appearing on the Greg Tomlin radio program, Shapiro discussed a poignant photo from the Hurricane Harvey disaster on which he based his recent column in National Review:

“There’s this great picture that, I’m not sure who took it, of a man, holding what appears to be, I’m don’t know if it’s his wife or just a woman, and she’s holding a baby. He’s taking her out of the flood waters and he’s carrying her and she’s holding a baby to her chest and the baby is sleeping.”

The picture is emblematic of the distinct natures of men, women and children that serve mankind in times of disaster and provide the very foundation of Western Civilization – instincts the Social Left and “Third-Wave Feminism” movements seek to destroy – Shapiro said:

“And the point that I was making: in times of crisis, in times of disaster, we fall back on instincts, and some instincts are really good. I’m very tired of the Social Left trying to wipe away those instincts, particularly, when you look at that picture.

“What you is see is that, this is man in his role as protector, and this is woman in her role as guardian, and this is child in its role as innocent. And, all three of those roles have been assaulted by the Left.

“The Left has said that men shouldn’t be protectors, it’s sexist for men to suggest that they want to protect women. I mean, women can protect themselves. Yeah, except that the society that doesn’t have men as protectors falls apart immediately, and men who are not protectors end up being wolves.

“And, women have been taught by the Third-Wave Feminist Movement that their job is not to be the guardians of children, but their job is to be out in the world, working in the same way that men do, and that is why abortion is a sacrament, so women can be exactly the same as men.

“And, this is nonsense, too. This undermines the basic social fabric, it undermines the rudimentary foundations of Western Civilization.

“And, finally, the Left has tried to undermine the idea of children as innocents that need to be protected. The idea, instead, is that children are fully capable of making their own informed decisions on complex things like religion and sexual orientation and gender identity.

“So, the left is focused on ripping away all three of these things. But, when disaster strikes, they revert to the biological natures that God, or nature, gave us.

“And, those are good things. They’re the things that you have to build society on, if you want to have a successful society.”

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