Ben Shapiro: How Hollywood Beams Propaganda Directly Into Your Brain

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | December 19, 2017 | 1:33 PM EST

Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro (Screenshot)

In a PragerU video, Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro explains how Hollywood is cleverly using entertainment to make you, the viewer, embrace their left-wing propaganda.

“Imagine a group of activists so powerful that they could beam their propaganda directly into your brain,” Shapiro begins. “Now, also imagine that they’re so sophisticated they actually get you to pay for them to do it.”

“Unfortunately, you don’t have to imagine it: it’s real; it’s Hollywood,” he reveals.

Hollywood writers, producers and directors have openly admitted to him that they intentionally insert social justice messages into their shows, Shapiro says.

Shapiro explains Hollywood’s clever and effective method of making viewers change their values:

Hollywood writers, producers, directors, actors create characters you keep wanting to spend time with, then have those characters act in ways most of us would judge wrong.

Then, in effect, they ask us a question: "Isn’t it really okay that Rachel from 'Friends' decided to have a baby without first marrying Ross? After all, you like Ross and you like Rachel, how can what they do be bad?”

In late 1960’s, “Hollywood stopped celebrating American values, and started transforming them,” he explains.

Still, Shapiro says, it’s okay to be a fan of television (just as he is) – but, viewers need to be aware of Hollywood’s tactics, so they don’t fall victim to them:

“Remember: the people making T.V. don’t merely want to entertain you; they want to influence you. They want you to think like they think.

“And, unless you’re aware of what they’re trying to do, chances are, you will.”


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