Baltimore Boasts ‘311 Calls for Rat Abatement’ Down 38%, Tweets Tips on ‘Best Way to Control Rats’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | August 1, 2019 | 1:30 PM EDT

(Photo: Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty)

After President Donald Trump called Batimore, Maryland “rat-infested,” the city announced a 38% decline in the number of “rat abatement” calls to its 311 phone number.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Baltimore’s Department of Public Works (DPW) boasted that its “proactive inspections” have not only driven down rat-related 311 calls, but have also decreased the number of “identified rat burrows” by 1,554.

Finally, Baltimore DPW provides two rat-control tips: use green trash cans and report neighbors who don’t dispose of trash properly.

“Over nearly 2 years we worked with @HABC, @BmoreHealthy, and others to help create healthier, safer living conditions in the City’s public housing as part of the HEAL (Healthy Elimination of All pests Long-term) Campaign.”

“We typically conduct more than 100,000 proactive inspections each year. We added 60,000 proactive inspections as part of the HEAL campaign.”

“Through these proactive inspections and treatments we reduced the number of identified rat burrows in these areas from 1836 to 282.”

“Proactive inspections has driven down 311 calls for rat abatement by 38 percent over the past two years, while other East Coast cities have seen increases.”

“Proper disposal of bagged household trash into the green cans, and reporting illegal trash dumping to 311, is still the best way to control rats. Code Enforcement will investigate, then create a work order for DPW to clear the trash.”


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