Amb. Friedman: Left-Wing Media, Dems More Hostile to Trump’s Mid-East Peace Plan than Most Arab Nations

By Craig Bannister | January 30, 2020 | 4:13pm EST
U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman (Screenshot)


It’s incredible that left-wing media and Democrats are most hostile to President Donald Trump’s peace plan than most Arab nations, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman told Mark Levin Wednesday after Trump unveiled his proposal.

Appearing on Levin’s nationally-syndicated radio program, Amb. Friedman called the opposition “quite stunning,” given the broad support voiced for the plan by major countries the world over.

Friedman declared Arab support for the plan a major breakthrough because, for the first time in a century, these countries have not sided with the Palestinians:

“If you look at the statements that came out after the ceremony, we had countries - like Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt – countries that have historically been in lockstep with the Palestinians, have come out and said they support this plan as a basis for negotiations, and they encourage the Palestinians to engage with Israel on the basis of this plan.

“This is the first time in a hundred years that these Gulf nations – and Egypt as well, and Morocco, as well – are saying something different than the Palestinians, and I hope that people appreciate what a major breakthrough that is.”

Americans relying on left-wing media don’t appreciate the plan because, while Arab countries understand and support Trump’s proposal, liberal media don’t, Levin responded:

“Well, if they’re watching most of the news, they don’t. But, that’s why I wanted to have you on. Because, unlike these Arab countries, you know, we see a Washington Post editorial that gets it dead wrong. We see a group at CNN who, obviously, didn’t real this plan; they really don’t know what’s in it.”

“It’s kind of incredible that the left-wing media and many Democrats are more hostile to the plan than most of the Arab nations in the region,” Friedman said, attributing that hostility to their hatred of Pres. Trump:

“It’s quite stunning. And, there’s only one reason for it: it’s because Trump thought of it. If someone else had thought of it, if Obama had thought of it, of course, it would have been a different reaction. Because, it’s a really good plan.”

Amb. Friedman, then, outlined some of the elements of Trump’s Mid-East peace proposal:

  • It’s the first time in 52 years that Israel has put on the table the terms, the conditions and the territorial dimensions of a Palestinian state that it’s willing to live with, side-by-side,
  • The Palestinian have to renounce terror, they have to stop paying terrorists,
  • A stable government has to be created with a rule of law, with freedom of religion with human rights with freedom of the press,
  • Israeli military security, military control from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea,
  • Allocates territory within Judea and Samaria: 30% of the territory to Israel, 70% to the Palestinians, and provides the Palestinians an additional 10-15% attached along the Egyptian border along the Gaza Strip.
  • Recognize Israeli sovereignty over the undivided city of Jerusalem,
  • A strip of Jerusalem that goes beyond the security barrier could be used for a recognized Palestinian capital,
  • Massive economic aid for the Palestinians

“Who’s against this deal: Turkey, Iran and the Palestinians,” Friedman said.

“Iran, Turkey, the Palestinians - and The Washington Post,” Levin added.

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