After Finding 13 Illegal Aliens Sleeping In His Barn, AZ Rancher Now Armed '24/7'

By Craig Bannister | May 10, 2012 | 2:26pm EDT

Tombstone, Arizona rancher Fred Davis and his wife, Peggy, came to the Nation’s Capital this week to tell their horror stories of how illegal aliens plaguing their home and lives – and warn Middle America that these dangers are heading their way.

Fred Davis, a fourth-generation cattle rancher, came to D.C. this week for “Hold Their Feet To The Fire 2012,” the nation’s largest annual media event focusing on immigration and border security. At this electronic town hall, 44 radio hosts from around the country gathered to broadcast live in support of tighter border security and immigration enforcement.

There, in nationally broadcast radio interviews, Fred Davis explained how his cattle ranch has become overrun by illegal aliens, even though it’s about 25 miles in from the border.

When I had the opportunity to speak with Fred between his on-air appearances, he explained to me how his family’s everyday life has been changed and plagued now that illegal aliens are fearlessly using his land and threatening his property.

“They (illegal aliens) come through my ranch at night bringing drugs and people (human trafficking) with them,” Davis explained.

But, his life permanently changed one morning, when he walked into his barn and found 13 illegal aliens sleeping on the floor.

“I got out of there,” Davis explained. “That was before I was armed,” he explained.

“Ever since then, I’ve been armed 24/7,” Davis told me.

Just to make sure, I asked him again if he meant he now carries a gun 24 hours a day, seven days at week back home. “Absolutely,” he said, adding that this isn’t something that he’s happy about, but, it’s now a necessity to keep his home and family safe.

Every time he comes home, Davis has to check the barn for people hiding there, and look through all the rooms of his house to make sure no one is hiding there, and that nothing’s been stolen or vandalized, he said.

Davis told me that everyone in his region has been victimized in some way by illegal aliens: “I do not know a rural resident in Southern Arizona who does not have a horror story.”

The border patrol protects the cities, which forces illegal aliens into the rural areas like his, Davis says. He says his region has been abandoned by border agents and that the federal government isn’t doing its job to keep Americans safe:

“The American government is supposed to protect our borders. But, we have millions of invaders here. We’re no longer a sovereign nation if we can no longer defend our borders.”

Davis also said the threat is much greater than just that of illegal aliens taking jobs from American citizens. “It’s not just Jose The Gardener who’s coming across the border,” but drug dealers and other criminals, he says.

Finally, Davis warned that his home town is just the first stop for illegal aliens as they make their way deeper and deeper into the U.S.:

“They’re coming to your town – they’re not stopping with me.”

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