Actor Tells Rep. Ryan: ‘If Prayers Did Anything,’ Texas Victims ‘Would Still Be Alive, You Worthless Sack of Sh*t’

Craig Bannister
By Craig Bannister | November 6, 2017 | 5:38 PM EST

Wil Wheaton appears on "The Big Bang Theory." (Screenshot)

Actor Wil Wheaton, who rose to fame as a child actor in the movie, “Stand By Me,” used vulgarity to tell Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) that, “if prayers did anything,” the victims of the Sunday’s church shooting in Texas would “still be alive.”

In a Sunday Tweet, Wheaton called House Speaker Ryan a “worthless sack of sh*t” for saying that the residents of the Texas community where the mass murder occurred “need our prayers."

"The murdered victims were in a church. If prayers did anything, they'd still be alive you worthless sack of sh*t."

Actor Wil Wheaton responds to Rep. Ryan's request for prayers for Texas community in wake of church massacre.

After a Twitter backlash, Wheaton apologized to people of faith, saying his attack was aimed at Vice President Pence, not the religious beliefs of others. Wheaton, now a 45 year-old actor, starred in the television series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and currently has a recurring role on the sit-com, “The Big Bang Theory.”

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