Actress Responds to Reporter Asking ‘Who Is Alyssa Milano’ and Why Is She Preaching About GA Race?

By Craig Bannister | April 19, 2017 | 4:34pm EDT
Actress Alyssa Milano

“I want to puke,” actress Alyssa Milano Tweeted after her Democrat candidate failed to avoid a runoff in Georgia, prompting a writer for The Atlantic to ask, “Who is Alyssa Milano?”

“Who is Alyssa Milano and what is her connection to this race?” The Atlantic’s  David A. Graham (@GrahamDavidA) asked on Twitter.

Politico’s National Politics Reporter Gabriel Debenedetti responded, informing Graham that Milano is a politically active actress – but, that just prompted Graham to express even more bewilderment. After jokingly alluding to Milano’s stint on “Who’s the Boss?,” Graham puzzled why the actress would be so attached to the Georgia congressional race.

That’s when Milano personally chimed in.

After introducing herself with a simple “Hi,” she later Tweeted a response to Graham’s second question, saying she’s been politically active her whole life – and that she’s now off to campaign in Montana since “every race is important.”

Besides, Republicans fundraised off her activism by framing her as a member of the “Evil, Hollywood, elite,” she Tweeted.

Graham closed the conversation by expressing sympathy that Milano had been subjected to such a harsh backlash on Twitter, claiming it was “radicalizing” him.

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