2018: Salute to Abortion Doomed Netflix Show; 2021: SNL’s ‘Clown Abortion’ Skit Cheered by Liberal Media

Craig Bannister | November 8, 2021 | 12:00pm EST
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In 2018, Netflix cancelled “comedian” Michelle Wolf’s scandalous series - which had outraged pro-life Americans and subscribers - after just one season. But, today, Saturday Night Live's celebration of abortion is being cheered by liberal media as a hit with viewers.

In 2018, before her "The Break with Michelle Wolf" debuted, Wolf promised viewers they should “expect the types of jokes my former bosses would tell me we couldn’t do on TV.” 

One of those “jokes” was a star-spangled “Salute to Abortion” on her program last month, which outraged many Netflix subscribers and drew nationwide criticism, as reported at the time. “God bless abortions!” Wolf told viewers.

Wolf’s “Salute to Abortion” (See video in full post) prompted horrified Netflix customers to cancel their subscriptions, petition for the show's cancellation, and promote a #BoycottNetflix hashtag on Twitter. 

But, this past weekend, a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring a “clown” celebrating “clown abortion” and spouting stereotypical pro-abortion talking points drew praise from liberal media.

Vanity Fair called SNL cast member Cecily Strong’s performance “genius.” The Daily Beast called the skit “brilliant” in its headline, SNL’s Cecily Strong Slams Texas Abortion Law in Bizarre, Brilliant Weekend Update.”

An article on The Wrap posted on Yahoo! Entertainment (“Cecily Strong Wins Praise for Pro-Abortion Rights ‘SNL’ Segment: ‘Holy S–. And Bravo, Woman’”) declared the skit a hit with viewers:

“Cecily Strong got very real with viewers during a Weekend Update segment ‘Saturday Night Live’ this week, bringing light to what women go through when it comes to having an abortion – and she did all of that while dressed as a clown. Her candor left fans cheering.”

But, conservative columnist and talk radio host Larry O’Connor had a different take. Retweeting the NBC post of the video, O’Connor mocked the state of today’s entertainment industry, which rewards left-wing propaganda instead of quality programming:

“The ratings could be the worst they've ever had but this will guarantee a reward of another five seasons for SNL. That's how the "entertainment" industry works.”

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