'Confederate Railroad' Band Member on Changing Name: 'That Would Never Happen'

By Cody Leach | August 8, 2019 | 4:30pm EDT
Confederate Railroad. 

Given that some left-wing and politically correct critics have raised questions about the name of the band “Confederate Railroad,” the group’s lead singer, Danny Shirley, stated that the name will never change, and that the band has no intention of offending its many devoted and loyal fans.

On the Aug. 3 edition of Starnes Country, host Todd Starnes asked Shirley,  “What do you tell people when they say, well, you guys should just change the name of the band?”

Shirley answered, “Well, that would never happen. For one thing, you know, nobody would know who we were. It would always be ‘whatever,’ formerly known as Confederate Railroad -- that makes no sense.” 


“You know,  I’ve had such great support over my career from our fans that I would never even consider changing, just out of fear of offending them,” said Shirley.

The Grammy-nominated country band Confederate Railroad recently came under fire for the band’s name and was disinvited from an upcoming August appearance at the Du Quoin State Fair in Illinois.

The group also recently lost a second gig at the Ulster County Fair in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York.

“The world has definitely changed, we have performed thousands of shows over the years, mostly to family-friendly events,” said Shirley. “People of different backgrounds, races, and political affiliations have attended our shows and have always been welcomed.”

“The name of the band was never intended to be taken as a political or racial statement,” he said.  “Hopefully, this will clear up any misconceptions."

According to Shirley, the idea for the band’s name was inspired by a Confederate steam engine known as “The General” on display at a museum in Georgia. The band has held the name without controversy for more than 30 years.

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