Report: Golden State Warriors Went Through $500,000 in Alcoholic Beverages at Victory Parade Staff
By Staff | June 13, 2018 | 2:30 PM EDT

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The Golden State Warriors “sprayed and drank” $500,000 worth of alcoholic beverages at the parade celebrating their NBA championship on Tuesday, according to a report by TMZ Sports.

“Steph Curry and Kevin Durant went champagne crazy at their victory parade on Tuesday… ‘cause the Warriors sprayed and drank HALF A MILLION DOLLARS worth of booze … TMZ Sports has learned.”

“Fresh off their $400k locker-room celebration after sweeping the Cavaliers on Friday, the Dubs had all the Luc Belaire Rare Gold, Luxe and Rose they’d possibly need to keep the party going…including 6-liter and HUGE 15-liter bottles,” said TMZ.

SFGate added: “Most of that alcohol was gifted by the brands, who use the opportunity as an extended, impromptu photo op.”


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