Pope Francis: ‘God Cannot Make an Announcement Without Surprising Us’

By Staff | April 1, 2018 | 9:33am EDT
Pope Francis delivering his sermon on Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018. (Screen Capture)

Pope Francis, delivering an Easter sermon that the Vatican news service described as “off he cuff,” said that “God cannot make an announcement without surprising us.”

The pope was talking about the resurrection of Christ.

Here is the video of the papal Mass posted by the Vatican with an English translation and also an excerpt from the pope’s sermon as published at the Vatican website in Italian and translated into English by Google:

“After listening to the Word of God, to this passage of the Gospel, three things come to me.

“First: the announcement. There is an announcement there: the Lord has risen. That announcement that from the earliest times of the Christians went from mouth to mouth; it was the greeting: the Lord has risen. And the women, who went to anoint in the Lord's body, found themselves in a surprise. Surprise ... God's announcements are always surprises, because our God is the God of surprises. It is so from the beginning of the history of salvation, from our father Abraham, God surprises you: "But go, go, leave, leave your land and go". And there is always a surprise after another. God cannot make an announcement without surprising us. And the surprise is what moves your heart, which touches you right there, where you do not expect it. To say it a bit with the language of young people: surprise is a low blow; you do not expect it. And He goes and moves you. First: the announcement made a surprise.”


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